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Rickie - Our First Boarder

posted 1 Apr 2016, 13:57 by Richard Young   [ updated 1 Apr 2016, 14:07 ]
Rickie came to us on the Saturday he is a high energy dog and needed plenty of stimulation. He is a young dog and soon gets bored, his frustration came out with continual barking, playing with his water bowl, chewing and dragging his bedding out of his kennel. We were made aware of these problems by his owner however by the Wednesday he had settled down. We gave him four play sessions throughout the day and now he asks to goes into his kennel when he has had enough, sleeping until the next session.

We have also worked on his recall as we found he was very wary of men especially if they are carrying something. By day four I was gaining his trust and he is coming up to me quite nicely.