Animal Rescue Centres Bulgaria

The plight of stray dogs is one of the most visible animal welfare issues in Bulgaria today, living on the streets, strays are exposed to the constant risk of death or maiming by accidents, illness, starvation and abuse.

Bulgaria has very good, modern Animal Welfare Law (APA 2008) that forbids inhumane handling of animals and places strays under special protection. On 14 April 2011, Bulgarian Parliament passed an amendment in the Penal Code, which criminalises extreme cruelty to animals. The problem is that Bulgaria has no enforcement body to implement the new law and therefore change can not take place.
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Re Home Animals Group.Bulgaria

This is a group is for people and charities looking to re-home animals they have found as strays and abandoned. It is NOT for people to try and sell or give away puppies they have bred on purpose. Or for selling of any animals. Registered charities can of course request an adoption fee from a prospective adopter but please do this via PM if this is the normal re-homing procedure for your charity.